list of positive things about the xbox one

#11xr650lPosted 5/31/2013 12:14:17 PM
I can use it to watch tv on my tv instead of what I do now, which is watching tv on my tv
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Hamstermilk posted...
They are pushing some features no one else dared so far.
The result will be intresting as it will either push the favor towards the consumer or the distributor as a result.

What do you think it will be? :)

im going to have to go with the distributor, because they arent benefiting the costumer in any way shape or form.
#13bear34Posted 5/31/2013 12:27:24 PM
The controller is very nice.
3DS vs. Vista
I will have both soon!! :D
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Dark_Einherjar posted...
I'm saving my money for better things. I suppose that counts as a positive...

absolutely, microsoft is teaching you the value of saving a dollar.
#15Ambassador_KongPosted 5/31/2013 12:29:18 PM
It's the next water cooler.
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#16KA_ME_HA_ME_HAPosted 5/31/2013 12:33:56 PM
I can watch TV on my new water cooler. Now I don't need to leave the room for a drink!