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3 years ago#11
VanderZoo posted...
Sony made the effort to ask the dev's for it.

It's probably pretty easy to ask for support from them. A lot of F2P MMO devs/pubs do not like the idea that their potential costumers have a pay wall to play their game. Subscription game dev/pubs even more.
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3 years ago#12
Yes, and it was appealing to the developers because they don't have to have a publisher...unlike the Xbox One.


It's cool that the arrangement allows them to keep their independence too.
3 years ago#13
Minamo posted...
Don't worry, its a pay-to-do-anything POS anyway. It might be cool on the PS4 if they just made it like a $15, one time fee title, but in its current state it isn't worth it, despite being kinda fun.

I missed this post. How is it 'pay-to-do-anything'? Unless you want to have more than 3 Warframes and 12 weapons (assuming you used your free Platinum to buy the extra few), the only thing that you really need to pay for (which is pretty cheap) is extra slots.

Even then, the developers mentioned possibly using Mastery (which is pretty much useless right now) to potentially give us a few extra slots for free in the future.
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