Video Game Store Buzz

#1bgppapumpPosted 6/5/2013 6:01:53 PM
I work at a video game store (Not Gamestop) and I can say that the majority of people that have been coming in since the announcement have expressed overwhelming dislike of the new system. They are upset with almost every aspect of what MS has done. 360 is our biggest selling system both in terms of both games and consoles. Up to the announcement we would still get random people here and there that would not be happy with MS for whatever reason, but now it is just crazy. I have maybe seen a handful of people who are truly excited about the new system, but like I said earlier the majority of people are not happy. I guess it could be different based on where your location is and such, but I think MS needs to rethink some of the things they plan to do with this system.
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