This is how you sound when you defend the Xbox One

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I think I'll get off, thank you.
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lol, madden and cod, only on XB1. confirmed by that random guy.

at least other shills try to slightly twist the truth to seem inconspicuous.
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Madden? LMAO. Nobody's cared about Madden in 6 years. There's more anticipation for the return of 2K (Who BTW, if you've noticed, literally owns the NBA video game market.) Last time I checked EA got ran out the building into non-existence by 2K. NBA Elite? LOL. Imagine what they can do with a football franchise. Madden will be a thing of the past.

MS should be getting scared of 2K again. Might wanna run to the NFL & buy out their license again.
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This is how I sound when I defend the Xbox One...


In other words...
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Gotta love that he doesn't see any negative in comparing the system with Minority Report.

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Guess hes never looked into a samsung smart TV before... the future was last year