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i do have one issue with The Witcher 3, why is the font so damn small???FTWWholeFnShow55/21 11:49AM
Does anyone in europe have the tv tuner adapter?Jonbazookaboz55/21 11:36AM
MS should let us save our videos to a flash drive or something.vayne14525/21 11:14AM
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Hellraid not releasing in 2015 - Not meeting developer's expectations...cheezedadada55/21 9:51AM
Mister Xbox One walks down the street.
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GunningSoul165/21 9:43AM
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Life is strange ep.3 was
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Jarvissan335/21 9:01AM
3 futuristic Call of Duty games in a row ?
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The_Big_Deek415/21 8:57AM
Impressions from the Elder Scrolls Beta?
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johnearts355/21 8:54AM
How can you get into the preview program?Sebastian95man45/21 8:16AM
I bought an Xbox One at launch, I still use my 360 more...
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Jiggy101011195/21 8:15AM
New XB1 ownerDamonD666105/21 8:15AM
Remember how Xbox's entire E3 2014 slate was leaked 5 months before the show?
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Storrac175/21 8:13AM
What the hell happened with Phantom Dust?Solid Sonic85/21 7:43AM
Can I use a 3tb usb 3.0 hard drive with its own power supply?Vzeprr95/21 7:43AM
Report: The Witcher 3 Wont Allow You To Save Manually On Xbox One
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quincy2000a255/21 7:19AM
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