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The Metacritic Motto. (Archived)
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So, what are ya'll playing on XB1 these days? (Archived)
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Why is it that everytime I either drop my controller or take my mic out that my- (Archived)DepreceV251/21 7:30PM
Dx12 and pc integration is amazing. (Archived)Gothmogz71/21 6:37PM
what is the multiplayer in State of Decay going to be? (Archived)
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I was given some bad intel from these boards. I guess XBO is not being sold off? (Archived)
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Anyone know how much store credit Gamestop gives for Dead Rising 3? (Archived)
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Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Havoc Trailer (Archived)AttackOnTitan51/21 5:54PM
Is there any way to get my 360 headset (Ear Force X12) to work on x1? (Archived)HELZERO31/21 5:53PM
what games did you buy and wish you never did. but cant trade them in (Archived)
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N.U.N.S 4 hype ! (Archived)leathelj21/21 5:16PM
Tweet from Minecraft developer confirms it actually works. (Archived)
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Need one 32 for fresh hm crota (Archived)ZShark31/21 5:13PM
Microsoft Won't Force Games to Support Cross-Platform Play (Archived)OverLordChaos11/21 5:03PM
cross platform? (Archived)VejitaSS451/21 5:00PM
Microsoft is 'really looking at' streaming from PC to Xbox One (Archived)
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Home network only for streaming? (Archived)
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Even though we've already gotten a lot of remasters this gen (Archived)
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Do we know yet if the streaming works both ways? (Archived)OpheliaAdenade81/21 3:58PM
Cross Platform Play not one of the reasons Street Fighter is PS4 exclusive. (Archived)
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