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GWG Next Month?
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Xbox One bundles have overtaken Ps4 on AMAZON today
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ThanosSupreme2710/29 7:59PM
New preview update came out today, and it improved the Store.Pizzatarian1010/29 7:57PM
Supposedly on the 8th on Nov, purchase Xbox One at BestBuy and get free 1yr Livextacb110/29 7:53PM
11/18 Dragon Age, GTA 5 or Far Cry 4?
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RickGotti4510/29 7:46PM
The cinematics on Halo 2 Anniversary look better than most CGI movies.
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yanksfan42476210/29 7:38PM
Been meaning to ask this for a minute...AttackOnTitan410/29 7:33PM
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Costume Quest 2: Install went from 75% to 11%sethgz410/29 7:22PM
Sunset is just the anti-destiny. So much soul and character.
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LEGEND_7256110/29 7:18PM
Where do you put an external hard drive?ben10pokemon79710/29 7:01PM
Do you think we will ever see a Fable 1-3 collection?Xuande12510/29 6:57PM
Want an Xbox One now
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Ghost_JB1210/29 6:53PM
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PS4 and Xbox One Performance Has Room to Grow, The Division Dev Believesquincy2000a1010/29 6:37PM
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