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ASTRO A40 for Xbox One Review--The Sound of Disappointment
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Battlefield 4 VS Hardline: The Playerbase
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nickr2d2134/25 12:16PM
would a brand new X1 come with anything extra pre-installed on the hard driveSplatulated84/25 12:13PM
What is the best and cheapest wireless headsets to buy?
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johnearts174/25 12:06PM
Would you buy Star Ocean 5 if it was available on Xbox One? (Poll)
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SuperSuikoden194/25 11:58AM
Xbox One will have a new mystery IP at E3...let the speculation begin.
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Exodus_Prime574/25 11:42AM
how do I load up a cloud save ?blairgoku94/25 11:22AM
What do you guys think about splatoon... would you buy it on XB1 (Poll)HITSQUAD18794/25 11:12AM
IW needs to put out MW1 or MW2 to redeem themselves after Ghosts.
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LittleCrispy144/25 10:45AM
Purchasing from the JPN Xbox One store.Magical-Soul14/25 10:22AM
Video: The Elder Scrolls Online looks like this on Xbox Onequincy2000a64/25 10:10AM
Kalimba is way harder to 100% than it has any right to be.lunaticcore64/25 9:52AM
What games are on the horizon for this year?
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--Zero-164/25 9:44AM
Bloke, 22, in knockoff Microsoft Xbox ring gets 18 months in the cooler
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quincy2000a134/25 9:26AM
DirectX 12: Unlocking the xbox one.
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quincy2000b324/25 8:49AM
good cheap game to by on x-1? (through live)TropicalAngel284/25 8:39AM
more dlc characters for mortal kombat
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blairgoku164/25 7:25AM