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Question to owners of the XB1 and 360Kontributor911/26 11:34AM
I bet MS will start putting up AAA games for GwG next monthBaronVladz611/26 11:33AM
Quick question about Tales from the Borderlands.PumpkinKing93111/26 11:25AM
Assassins creed season pass cancelled, everyone gets expansion, and pass holders
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Zetaspawn2011/26 11:22AM
Is there a better Black Friday deal than Walmart's $300 Bone + Halo MCC yet?ZeroRaider111/26 11:14AM
GwG for December announcedKoelker12711/26 10:58AM
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Worms Battleground for GWG?holden4ever911/26 10:21AM
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zer0 Sum Review 8.7 (IGN)
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AttackOnTitan1911/26 10:17AM
[MicrosoftLover Article] Microsoft went through 200 prototypes to reach...MicrosoftLover611/26 10:09AM
Is anyone planning to try the Target Black Friday deal? Is it Online?vohnie111/26 10:09AM
Chinese angry at MS/XB1 for false advertising
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CharadeSmith4911/26 10:08AM
My Xbox Won is Updating.....
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Ken_Low1611/26 10:07AM
XB1 continues it's domination in the US, outselling the PS4 by another 20k!!!
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TheObserver0014111/26 10:02AM
X1's lead designer defends against critics! Fatness of console.
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Ryan-063511/26 9:55AM
Microsoft Announces Yet Another Price Cut For X1 Console Now Starts At $329
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quincy2000a28011/26 9:53AM
thank you microsoft for this gracious reward for owning your system...
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googler3811/26 9:52AM
Did anyone buy Tales from the Borderlands?stehv511/26 9:51AM