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So whats your current gamescore? (Poll)
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Xbox One for $200?
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Egadd179/21 6:36PM
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Destiny - Vanguard Reputation Pointstommyboync59/21 5:56PM
Seriously thinking of trading in my PS4 for an Xbox One.
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DroneCrusher279/21 5:41PM
I want an X1 - But CONFUSED on Several Issuesdragondrive3379/21 5:04PM
Can the Xbox One sell a million+ more units than the PS4 in the US this holiday?
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Unusual problem
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zenandi129/21 3:16PM
Destiny Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One, PS3 vs Xbox 360quincy2000a59/21 3:09PM
D4 is pretty awesome.AttackOnTitan69/21 3:07PM
So even less reason to get an X1 since I might be able to stream my games to PC
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MrXmedia349/21 2:58PM
Any Xbone footage of Evil Within?megadeth111759/21 2:58PM
saw a topic about DLing games being bad.
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Hidan623149/21 2:46PM
Dark Dreams Don't Die Has Been Getting Good ReviewsRogueStatus28109/21 1:07PM
So after all the complaining about Kinect, No one is buying the kinectless sku?
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Izraeil239/21 12:51PM
Anyone want to play the FH2 demo?XboxDruggie19/21 12:35PM
Twitch Past Broadcasts (Closed)DumpsterFire39/21 12:02PM
Think the acquisition of Mojang will help Xbox One sales? (Poll)
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GladiatorDanger479/21 11:43AM
Anyone else having Upload Studio issues?Charity_Diary19/21 11:05AM
recently upgraded.tannercayton29/21 10:03AM