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Naomi Shows Off Fantasia Music Evolved - IGN PlaysAttackOnTitan110/21 10:01PM
Skipping Sunset Overdrive (for now) instead I'm getting Fantasia Music Evolved.kidwgm710/21 9:54PM
why can't MS buy out sony?
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sanas_thiritu22210/21 9:38PM
Minecraft Xbox One Edition TrailerAttackOnTitan210/21 9:37PM
I bought a xbox one at launch, now i own a ps4 and i miss my one :(
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Voelger3010/21 9:09PM
Cereza is one of the best characters in gamingvelvet_hammer110/21 9:03PM
The Evolve AlphaWhiteAngel50610/21 9:01PM
Trolls are in OVERDRIVE are they not? (Poll)
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DamnEvilDog1810/21 9:00PM
Gamespot gives The Legend of Korra a 3/10.liquidblue4310/21 8:27PM
Are You Going To Purchase Evolve On The Xbox One? (Poll)ComradeRyan410/21 8:20PM
Here's Halo 3 running at 1080p/60fps on Xbox One
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quincy2000a1910/21 8:14PM
black friday deals
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leelee31051410/21 8:02PM
Sunset Overdrive Dev Explains Why It Chose 900p Over 1080p
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quincy2000a1310/21 7:14PM
i need to know the EXACT DIMENSIONS of the xbox one console
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themothman4211310/21 7:12PM
silent hills coming to x1 day 1
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leelee310515110/21 7:06PM
Free game on PS4, Xbox One surprisequincy2000a310/21 6:56PM
speculation: is there a chance, lol, that Jade Raymond has joined Team Xbox?eastofeastside410/21 6:54PM
Does the XB1 support MKV's now?myiamoto360210/21 6:46PM
Huge CoD Turtle Beach sale going on right now if anyone is in need of a headset.ACx7210/21 6:42PM
If Xbox One outsells PS4 in November, will you change your sig to Xbox One Wins (Poll)
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xtacb1610/21 6:39PM