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Microsoft Executive On No Mans Sky, Games At E3 And The Controversial...quincy2000a33/30 8:57PM
MS is fixing the controller this holiday season as I predicted.
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DeadCellReborn213/30 8:38PM
Neverwinter (Poll)HughJorgenn63/30 8:35PM
What's the next MP shooting game?Foxx3k43/30 8:25PM
Most hours you've put into a game without beating it.
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LittleCrispy463/30 8:18PM
So anyone know the sales for tomorrow?XLegendKillerX43/30 8:15PM
Can you feel it? Can you? It's coming... That's right, on March 24th it's here..
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Laylow121663/30 8:02PM
If you were trapped in an Xbox One game for the rest of your life...
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Charity_Diary293/30 7:58PM
So I always knew DA:I was a meh game after beating it...
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velvet_hammer143/30 7:47PM
Don't play neverwinter
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Gothmogz243/30 7:41PM
What do YOU think will happen in Halo 5? *HALO 4 SPOILERS*Jiggy10101133/30 7:40PM
Mortal Kombat X: All Fatalities and X-Rays So Far in 1080p 60fpsAttackOnTitan13/30 7:19PM
Any word on Raiden 5 yet?LanternOfAsh23/30 7:07PM
Deals with gold?jpraelster83/30 7:00PM
Game Updates and External Hard Drivecusseta133/30 6:24PM
# SaveMCCFirstWarlord0193/30 6:13PM
hows the lego movie game?kennyynnoo53/30 6:08PM
How much is the DLC?MrImpatient3533/30 5:48PM
Neverwinter what is it likechip128923/30 5:42PM
Xbox One is costing gamers $250M a year, according to environmental group
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quincy2000a423/30 5:28PM