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Is XBL really down again right after it was fixed?
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Game__Raider2112/26 12:39PM
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Remember when microsoft wanted xbone to have DRM that required you to be online?
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How could Microsoft prevented XBL going down on Christmas?
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UltraPlanet2212/26 12:28PM
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Does the GrinchSquad realize they hurt gamers instead of Microsoft and Sony?
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How do you play the Xbox 1 offline?
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ajikimg2112/26 11:59AM
This 10GB or 20GB day one download scare me to buy xone !fan3601012/26 11:58AM
So if there's nothing MS can do about these DDoS attacks why continue gaming?
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TheGam39252912/26 11:48AM
Trey arch should remaster cod WaW with ugx built inSILENTGHOSTS96112/26 11:47AM
360 game save to Xbox one.XCongo212/26 11:46AM
Great Deals At Gamestop
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Romer3181912/26 11:41AM