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Does Witcher 3 cater to the Skyrim audience?
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Who here is into Uplay?
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PantyLines125/5 4:46AM
Is 30 FPS still acceptable for a racing game?
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That_Damn_Kid205/5 3:32AM
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Star Wars Battlefront Features Over 10 Multiplayer Maps
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AttackOnTitan135/5 12:50AM
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Since the Forza 5 boards are deadTakamine1200105/4 10:27PM
AC: Unity is 21 bucko dolores for Gold membersmaiden199355/4 10:22PM
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Check out my newest BF:H montage (upload studio)MachineGunNun35/4 10:08PM
Xbox One will have a new mystery IP at E3...let the speculation begin.
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Exodus_Prime675/4 10:07PM
E3 will determine whether I'll buy an Xbox one or not.darktace65/4 9:52PM
Automatic game installs not working.TheRealJimmyC65/4 9:43PM
Hands-On With Xbox One's Upcoming TV Tuner Feature
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AttackOnTitan115/4 9:29PM