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Its 2015. Why on earth do some people still refuse to play online?
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Cows Go Hisssss3081/30 3:23PM
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After nearly a year of use, I still think the dash is poor compared to the 360's
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cypherchild231/30 12:33PM
*This is NOT a troll question!* Please recommend some Kinect games for me!!
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ShinCougar181/30 12:00PM
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Is there a way to play music while playing games on XB1
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TheMove2211/30 11:28AM
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Games based on movies are getting a lot better, ME: SOM is amazing Round 2
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glassghost0661/30 10:45AM
Why do people play Onlins FPS constantly, don't they ever get bored?
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Bonksadventures561/30 10:40AM