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any flight sims in development?dasboos110/24 10:56AM
christ why is it so hard to actually BUY this system?
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themothman4211510/24 10:29AM
Help adding a credit card to Japanese account?mcnichoj710/24 9:48AM
R.T. Interactive Launch Trailer for Xbox OneTOhasNoRing110/24 9:42AM
Xbox One failing harddrivesspemsha410/24 9:38AM
Everyone with an XB1 or PS4 should get Shadow Warriors!
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Rome2182910/24 9:12AM
I hope Sunset Overdrive isn't another "State of Emergency"SyxxPakk61010/24 9:03AM
Alien Isolation or Evil Within (Poll)
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VikingHipster2910/24 8:57AM
Eurogamer: Microsoft to end free Xbox Music streamingquincy2000a710/24 8:45AM
Halo 5 launch date leaked
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LEGEND_7251510/24 8:39AM
They need an update where
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_Doomguy_5810/24 8:36AM
Forza Horizon 2 is by far the most surprisingly fun game this year for me
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garcia_jx1410/24 8:28AM
Offline Co-Op games?AestheticaLZ210/24 8:04AM
So do youtuber game channels get early access to games often? (Sunset lets play)BushidoEffect3310/24 7:41AM much of a downgrade will the division get on consoles from 1-10 (Poll)axelfooley2k5310/24 7:16AM
EA Access Game Trialbillyriz410/24 6:51AM
Problem with headset, can hear others but they can't hear me.jhslam11510/24 5:42AM
16 minutes of Quantum Break footage
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LorneMaIvo2710/24 5:34AM
When xbox is off turn off storege what does that meanshads30551010/24 5:33AM
How much does cover art influence your buying decisions? (Poll)
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Gunvalkyrie22710/24 5:26AM