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So, wait, how does the NBA face scanning work for female gamers?
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Shayla500179/29 7:04PM
need 1 for atheon now! must be 27+ and completed it alreadyThundericFury59/29 7:02PM
Who's the Xbox mascot?
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Shayla500139/29 6:58PM
On the Xbox One You Can Have Next Gen Graphics or Next Gen Gameplay Not Both?
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quincy2000a119/29 6:28PM
XB1 owners, would you support more PC integration?
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GC_Destiny199/29 6:23PM
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Mobile downloading. Does it also install the game?Artvandelay198429/29 4:54PM
Xbox One owners: Do you have buyer's remorse over the Xbox One?
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Diayamondo929/29 4:39PM
SAVE 30% at Target if you want FH 2 and SoM! Great Deal!
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DirkMcGurkin119/29 4:26PM