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When To Expect: Small Arms (Second Installment) Xbox One.HARDCORE110728/30 11:14AM
what's with all these topics of (thinking of selling my xbox one) ??
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Funny McDonalds Happy Meal videorobcram38/30 10:40AM
Media Player ThumbnailsSkimpy01638/30 10:32AM
EA access ultimate editions?KryingKetchup18/30 9:47AM
Metro Redux + new LED full HD TV= New gen:)
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bloodlover4ever218/30 9:43AM
I personally feel this generational jump was not big enough.
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Garfield64598/30 9:39AM
ITT: We list things that we would like to see updated on the X1DepreceV288/30 9:35AM
Saints Row Announced today at Pax
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oldhbk76118/30 9:32AM
Damn, we already got copies of Destiny.INikeOne8938/30 9:18AM
Considering selling my Xbox-onegrampamurked68/30 9:14AM
how do i link my xbox live one account to facebookcubacubaking48/30 9:04AM
what are the old gears of war devs doing now?reptileegg48/30 8:46AM
is the Xbox One failing, or have I been brainwashed by trolls?
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reptileegg248/30 8:37AM
add me to ur friends list on xbox one just got onecubacubaking18/30 8:01AM
Recommended TVs: LG or Samsung?
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bloodlover4ever338/30 7:54AM
Bungie wants you to grind endlessly for your gear instead of trading!
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GladiatorDanger638/30 7:46AM
Gotta laugh at the double standards: EXCLUSIVES
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LEGEND_725658/30 7:37AM
Black tusk supporting gow3&judgementleathelj48/30 7:29AM
Question about EA access and Madden 15Brummie_lad12358/30 6:39AM