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Destiny's PS4 and X1 Visual Quality Will Probably Be Equal, Analysis Shows
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So What's The Excuse This Now the Xbox One is the Same Price as the PS4?
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QuadForce878277/26 8:09AM
Sunset Overdrive Character Customization Trailer
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Dev445117/26 6:00AM
you've been chosen biowares new gamesassynipples17/26 5:56AM
it's a bargainEstocassassin57/26 5:27AM
Is xbox live not working for u alsoshads305527/26 4:43AM
The new(?) achievements tab is pretty great!AceAndJunpei87/26 4:40AM
Has anyone got a 3 day code for live that I could have to play destinyPriders17/26 3:47AM
Gamertag Exchange
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hatechild69177/26 2:01AM
Microsoft Store offers $100 toward XBOX ONE if you trade in your PS3 or XBOX 360Solnot107/26 2:00AM
if game devs are competent professionals, game delays won't happen
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mewmew42347/26 1:01AM
about destiny betabradm12118317/26 12:50AM
Check Out the First Gameplay from Platinum Games' The Legend of Korra - Comic CoDev44567/26 12:10AM
Insert disc - when disc is inserted?
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Gunvalkyrie2177/25 11:50PM
Series that had HUGE leaps in sequels
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wow just finished contrast. great timeLEGEND_KILLERRR37/25 11:01PM
Random startup crash?jonathan421027/25 10:44PM
The next Fable should take elements from Rune Factory.knightoffire5527/25 10:06PM
anyone try a usb 2.0 hard drive on xbox one ?Darkneo2067/25 9:55PM
I'm looking for friends on Xbox onepepsiboy9562067/25 8:30PM