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XBOX ONE, why should I get it?
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Braver_Angel_702412/22 8:31AM
Will there ever be another Marvel vs Capcom gamebeanyboy7712/22 8:08AM
Anyone who has a Xbone and a PS4 prefers the Xbox One's larger design.
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ZeroRaider6412/22 7:03AM
Power modes?StonecoldRPS412/22 5:53AM
Eurogamer: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is 2014's Christmas number onequincy2000a212/22 5:29AM
Would MS ever cower in fear to terrorists like Sony did?
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RuinerEraser32112/22 5:13AM
The xbox one annoy me here's why
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davday903712/22 3:40AM
What so far has been the best Xbox one game you have played?
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WTFNightmare2212/22 2:28AM
I just bought Contrast because of the Dev's comments in the game description.Trigg3rH4ppy512/22 12:44AM
Will we ever get college football game for the xbox one?1fastpony312/22 12:24AM
Was at Wal-Mart earlier and they only had one AC Bundle w/ Kinect vs 8 PS4s
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Xeeh_Bitz1912/22 12:23AM
I'm quite happy with this gen so far...lifelack912/21 11:10PM
Trials Fusion Deluxe Edition on saleglassghost01012/21 11:08PM
Not getting any video. Help!!TyrantLowKey112/21 11:03PM
VEVO app not workingchrisinthehouse712/21 10:08PM
In the mood for a new game
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pyrotheos1112/21 9:38PM
Help me!areeb319112/21 9:08PM
ADD me for a INVITE to the BETA program GT INSIDE
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Nintendo19892112/21 9:02PM
3rd Party Controller Questioncraelon112/21 8:49PM
Sniping in Halo 5Uproar2099212/21 8:38PM