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Do I need my Xbox Live profile on the Xbox to play digital games I purchased?TheCanucks310/22 12:57AM
Anyone know if Shadow Warrior will release on demand tonight?
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Rome2183010/22 12:50AM
Locked 45 fps?killerbasa610/22 12:25AM
No audio messages to friends? and a few other things... (Closed)rpa1470210/22 12:08AM
does Shadow Warrior have online deathmatch type modes?reptileegg410/21 11:44PM
Im sorry but grinding without skates in Sunset Overdrive looks dumb.
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M16Crowbar3610/21 11:21PM
I wanna hook it up and just start playing
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Saxon2610/21 11:09PM
Xbox One November System Update DetailedAttackOnTitan610/21 10:48PM
Free Shadow Of Mordor DLC Includes Sauron's Black Hand SkinAttackOnTitan110/21 10:45PM
Halo MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION is my most anticipated game of the year
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zerooo05510/21 10:42PM
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Cereza is one of the best characters in gamingvelvet_hammer110/21 9:03PM
The Evolve AlphaWhiteAngel50610/21 9:01PM
Trolls are in OVERDRIVE are they not? (Poll)
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DamnEvilDog1810/21 9:00PM
Gamespot gives The Legend of Korra a 3/10.liquidblue4310/21 8:27PM
Sunset Overdrive Dev Explains Why It Chose 900p Over 1080p
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quincy2000a1310/21 7:14PM
i need to know the EXACT DIMENSIONS of the xbox one console
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themothman4211310/21 7:12PM
silent hills coming to x1 day 1
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leelee310515110/21 7:06PM