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E3 hot 50 according to gameinformer (how'd xb1 do?)
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RS_YELARAKA157/22 4:36PM
Internet Explorer Not Loading5ohGamer17/22 4:28PM
I got a Konami Core code. Is it worth registering it besides for the DLC.Chrome7667/22 4:25PM
How do I get my Destiny Beta code? (Closed)zerooo027/22 4:23PM
What do those on Xbone think about the Destiny Beta?youngskillz27/22 4:14PM
The golf club gamededay86357/22 4:04PM
Looks like Halo MCC will be the only good shooter for the rest of this year
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That_Damn_Kid257/22 3:59PM
So we're just gonna keep pretending that Crackdown is not mediocre?
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BlackFeathers657/22 3:57PM
Excellent new Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments trailer (out Sept 30)!Snoopdawwg2227/22 3:56PM
Hmmm. Why not just sell the LE models instead just giving them away?MCcake67/22 3:48PM
The xbox one is..well....
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DEVILIX267/22 3:47PM
FYI...My Destiny Beta code has been sent...
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TRC-G00SE137/22 3:17PM
HEY GUYS the beta just came up for PS4 again wtf, you guys should check xbox oneBignutzisBack27/22 3:13PM
How cheap will the console be around Christmas?
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TidusDaniel54237/22 3:01PM
When does DX12 come out?!
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SlugSh0t137/22 2:56PM
Wow! Destiny is 1080p on X1?
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dolabla207/22 2:46PM
I am now on my second Xbox One.
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MilesAC307/22 2:44PM
I just picked up an Xbox One!Resident Weevil97/22 2:34PM
Microsoft Store offers $100 toward XBOX ONE if you trade in your PS3 or XBOX 360Solnot97/22 2:18PM
Does anyone else have issues with their xbox randomly turning on?Mighty-Oregon77/22 2:11PM