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So much for Microsoft owning Minecraft.
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blablablax174512/19 11:46PM
Angry Joweplays Dying Light. Screen tearing is more scary than the actual game.knightimex612/19 11:42PM
I do not understand the Xbox Live Rewards programWebsandWigs312/19 11:39PM
Scalebound Newsjackynkurttims412/19 10:59PM
inb4ODSTisglitchytwa556212/19 10:17PM
Thank you 343 Industries...
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That_Damn_Kid1112/19 10:09PM
Now that the holiday season is almost over what was your top 3 and bottom 3?XXXRiceWVXXX712/19 9:46PM
Master chief collection or Shadows of Mordor?
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chaz15425_basic2512/19 9:45PM
is it free gold weekend or somethingsmexywesky912/19 9:18PM
Best next-gen fps (multiplayer)? (Poll)segagamer812/19 9:17PM
Who wants a Halo Beta code? Or both I guess I should say.
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_MrENigma_1512/19 9:08PM
Halo 5 beta tells me it begins 12/29 despite getting an early code?chaz15425_basic312/19 9:00PM
What games are on your christmas list?
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playmaker1212/19 8:48PM
What old game series do you want to have a modern game on Xbox One?
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Nodrog771112/19 8:43PM
Rumor: Xbox VR Planned for E3
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scoobydoobydont3512/19 8:30PM
How's Outcast?
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JKeezy852912/19 7:48PM
halo 5 beta randomly downloaded?spartansbrother112/19 7:47PM
X1 and PS4 will have >40 games in common for 2015BaronVladz812/19 7:27PM
IGN streaming Halo 5 right nowAttackOnTitan112/19 7:20PM
need help with halo 5 codepepsiboy95620112/19 7:13PM