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Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition or Sunset Overdrive? (Poll)
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ghstbstr1212/27 6:08PM
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Would you buy an Assassin's Creed Remastered Collection?
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AttackOnTitan1312/27 6:07PM
Do you think 42 inch tvs are too big for shooters ?
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Brian13372312/27 6:03PM
turtle beach xo one headset adapter issue
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Bullseye_Baugh2412/27 6:01PM
Farcry or Shadow of Mordor?
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Frightwolf1512/27 5:58PM
Microsoft needs a new R&D team. ASAP.
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StarmanAnthony1312/27 5:42PM
My only gripe so far with my Xbox One
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Smashingpmkns1312/27 5:35PM
Some men just want to see the world burn.
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AttackOnTitan2012/27 5:35PM
what exclusive games re good enough to get an xb1?skermac112/27 5:32PM
XBL down again. DDOS, hack or something else this time?
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Turbokk1112/27 5:32PM
Any good deals on the Marketplace right now?andizzle29662812/27 5:21PM
Is there a way to retrieve old messages?Ilovegirls312/27 5:14PM
Has anyone gamed on a 4K tv yet? If so whats your opinions?
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Road_Kill_6661312/27 5:09PM
Anyone have any XBL Trial Codes they would be willing to give?
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Solid_Mike861212/27 5:09PM
My (very short) Alien Isolation reviewstaticxtreme5712/27 5:06PM
Xbox 360 sale day 13 has gone live, has anything for X1 done so as well?flame030191412/27 5:02PM
What else are you hoping to see in the sale?
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JKSonic2812/27 5:02PM
Xbox One Assassin's Creed Games (Poll)ComradeRyan712/27 4:59PM
Reset the cache it fixes everything.whitemamba24xx812/27 4:55PM