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GaymerX has secured funding and will return next yearThat_Damn_Kid99/17 5:27AM
voice chat seems crackly on Battlefield 4reptileegg59/17 5:14AM
So this sold about 23,000 units in Japan when it launched
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Reginleif20159/17 5:07AM
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What are your thoughts on the upcoming games this year?Futureops-69/17 5:02AM
For those who have zoo tycoontgrz201169/17 4:45AM
I have to come to the drunken conclusion that Destiny is better with friends.
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Jiggy101011159/17 4:30AM
If racing wasn't a minority/niche Forza Horizon 2 would get GOTY
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kennyynnoo179/17 4:20AM
The race to defeat Destiny's toughest challenge--UPDATE: We have a winnerquincy2000a29/17 4:18AM
Destiny is one of those games where my review score is going up the more I play.
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Michael Pachter Thinks Consoles Will Soon be Outdated
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Want to win an Xbox One with Forza Horizon 2?quincy2000a19/17 3:34AM
Convince me that owning both PS4 and XB1 is not redundant
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Destiny is such a great Xbox One game but I'm so confused!!!
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TheGam3925129/17 3:21AM
Destiny's Poor Metacritic Score Could Cost Bungie MillionsBrandy197739/17 3:21AM
Eurogamer: Destiny reviewquincy2000a19/17 3:20AM
Oh no, PS4 lifetime sales are DOUBLE X1's...
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Xbox Brawler Roster Update
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Anyone here waiting to buy the White Xbox One ?The_Big_Deek59/17 3:05AM
Poll of the day
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