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Official IGN app now available for Xbox OneHucast983/5 10:18PM
I just download both of Call of Duty games on Xbox one.deeringer007103/5 10:16PM
Why did you buy a Xbox One?
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FireBeaver453/5 9:59PM
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Games that gave you 'edge of your seat' feelingMjs90353/5 8:29PM
White Night next week. Anyone interested in this 'horror' themed adventure game?
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why dont achievements work offline?
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What's the worst Collectors Edition item?
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PC game streaming to Xbox One with WIndows 10..eastofeastside83/5 8:06PM
Phil Spencer Addresses The Master Chief Collection's Rocky Launch
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Microsoft Exec Softens Stance on Xbox One Parity Clause
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Zombie Army Trilogy helptheswatleader13/5 7:50PM
Phil Spencer speaks with Sony/Nintendo about Christmas DDOS attack
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As far as rock band 3 song exporting may go for rock band 4...jesse715033/5 7:29PM
game sharing
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Zombie Army trilogy...
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"Decides to play MCC since the update came out"
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