So, Unisex My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Attire is Now Available on Live

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its okay to like mlp. thats it. i dont care if you like it or hate it. Its all opinions. i don't care who the target audience is. Be an individual and just like the show for its elements(story, plot, voice acting, animation, etc.).
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This topic would have died less than 36 hours after it was posted if the haters had stayed away.
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Call it unisex all you want that s***'s for girls.

Unless you're a basement dweller.

Ugh, I saw a 40 something your old man walking around in a Fluttershy T-shirt, sweat pants of ALL the characters and matching hat today at Walmart.. I cringed.

Can't be unseen can it?

There there.
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