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EA Access is gonna leap the XB1 ahead of the PS4 sales.jasomramirez66648/1 10:56AM
I watched a physical DVD for the 1st time in a long time and realized...suicide machine88/1 10:51AM
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What games are coming out on the One this month?Lowfocus88/1 10:21AM
metro redux or shadow warrior?
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oldhbk76198/1 10:07AM
Looks like Bioware is announcing a new IP at Gamescom XBROS!!!!!
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GladiatorDanger178/1 10:05AM
Is Xbox One's lackluster sales affecting the quality of Xbox Live?
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Shovel_Break278/1 9:53AM
EA Access is absolutely fantastic.
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thegamer00348/1 9:46AM
Xbros! We are living in a wonderful age of gaming!
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RuinerEraser288/1 9:42AM
Worldwide PS4 outselling X1 5 to 1, will EA X1 access turn that around? (Poll)
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xtacb298/1 9:37AM
Only 1.34% of gamefaq members own both PS4 and XB1, hmmm
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squon8888328/1 9:32AM
Things to fix/add in the GTA V for Xbox One
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Cosmic_Diabetic118/1 9:24AM
Display & Sound Setting Crash?!XboxDruggie98/1 8:57AM
So I can't get the free GwG?MrImpatient3588/1 8:55AM
****ing best buy...
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googler288/1 8:52AM
Hey XBROS, give me a reason to turn on my XB1
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squon308/1 8:33AM
Whats your favorite Titanfall map in the new DLC?frogman18018/1 7:57AM
Anyone have an idea why my ping is higher on my Xbox One than my Xbox 360?Cows Go Hisssss108/1 6:36AM
Is this a good External HDD for Xbox One?wheelchairboy48/1 6:18AM
MS China offices raided.
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Apex-Player358/1 6:12AM