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anything similiar to phantasy star online coming out ??Darkneo2037/24 6:59PM
If Sunset Overdrive doesn't live up to the hype are you going to feel bad...
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GladiatorDanger617/24 6:58PM
Destiny has really grown on me...Cows Go Hisssss57/24 6:33PM
Which Wii U exclusive do you wish was coming to Xbox One? (Poll)
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Megamushroom666367/24 6:24PM
Question about the xbox 1 controller (cord)blahblah123blah77/24 6:01PM
Halo 5 Story Details Revealed in Halo Comic (Spoilers)Exodus_Prime87/24 5:55PM
will rubberband lag ever be fixed on Battlefield 4? (Poll)
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reptileegg147/24 5:50PM
Halo:Nightfall trailerMotionMan2517/24 4:58PM
SUNSET OVERDRIVE 8 player CHAOS SQUAD gameplay(IGN reaction is great)zerooo077/24 4:57PM
Microsoft I'm waiting very patiently for quantum break information...LEGEND_KILLERRR47/24 4:50PM
Irony XBROS! Crytek wants first XBOX ONE Homefront game to look as good as Ryse!
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Solnot187/24 4:34PM
The Witcher 3 Dev Says the Key With Sex Is to Not Sell Your Game on Itzerooo0107/24 4:08PM
Should Destiny be a wake up call to MS and their over-reliance on Halo?
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PhaseBlack297/24 3:58PM
Xbros!? What does your xbox call you?
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RuinerEraser247/24 3:57PM
Halo 2 Anv Will Contain Extra Story That Connects To Halo 5youngskillz57/24 3:51PM
I want smaller notificationsZemata27/24 3:32PM
That's a relief, XBROS! The XBOX ONE isn't selling as badly as we think!
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Solnot627/24 3:30PM
Eurogamer: Watch the first footage of Halo: Nightfallquincy2000a17/24 3:26PM
Halo: Nightfall First LookBoneRevolution57/24 3:19PM
White Destiny Bundle, sad Xbox One isn't doing this also
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uniquebadger217/24 3:17PM