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Joined the xbox family
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yunus11298/20 1:09AM
PS4 sales aren't anything special, Xbox One still the more expensive console
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ChevelIe468/20 12:26AM
So much new content in warframe!
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karvinyereizowt118/20 12:04AM
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media player is very buggy right nowTonyRodrigues7658/19 11:40PM
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Can you swap the internal HDD in the Xbox One for another HDD?levyjl198888/19 10:40PM
Project CARS runs 60fps on PS4, Xbox One version having trouble reaching it
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PhaseBlack738/19 10:21PM
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i dont mind ea, ubisoft, activision, bethesda, and other 'publishers' accesssexbone88/19 9:19PM
P90X for XBox Fitness Review
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Uproar2099258/19 9:18PM
Need help with externalsozran28/19 9:14PM
Do NOT sign up for preview version of Dashboard...
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Aenisha218/19 9:12PM
No NetflixEndosage28/19 9:11PM
Any football fans that have tried Madden? How is the game?
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BoomerTheGreat208/19 8:15PM
How do you make the Xbox show Kinect commands in an appCruelBuffalo28/19 8:14PM
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