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Now that Xbox One has claimed it's rightful throne as top selling console...
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ssjgohhku5412/19 9:11AM
Mirror's Edge 2. Where you at?
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HeroC1143012/19 8:14AM
Amazon selling the Assassin's Creed Bundle for $349 plus a $50 creditKuposaurus612/19 8:00AM
anybody hope they redo gta iv with first person etc?
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rhynoNOrhino1412/19 7:54AM
MS needs to assert their ownership over Minecraft.
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Dersu_Uzala3412/19 7:52AM
The only Remastered game that should release is The Witcher 2 on Ultra Setting.
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M16Crowbar2212/19 7:44AM
Countdown to 2015 SALES topic
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AtIantis2112/19 7:42AM
Is Ground Zeroes worth the $6.60?AHaras712/19 7:36AM
buying and selling systemstheschizneck712/19 7:32AM
Why is my Xbox not connecting to the Internet?zerooo0412/19 6:52AM
Xbox video appMjs903412/19 6:33AM
Murdered Soul Suspect worth $16.50?autoalchemist62512/19 6:30AM
when will ubisoft stop making horrible gamesduces9killa912/19 5:53AM
Please, what are some good 2player co ops that you can play on 1 Tv?Nodrog771012/19 4:55AM
Can I dl Assassins Creed Unity but still watch videos on Xone?krazykiwikid412/19 4:42AM
Xbone: 2nd HDMI port? Also Gaming Chair Q.xIPESTILENCEIx812/19 4:15AM
why is it taking forever to find a match on halo mcc
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duces9killa3312/19 4:10AM
You want that free game from Ubisoft for the AC: Unity fiasco? There's a catch.
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IceHusky133312/19 4:07AM
Husk of the pit?Akgod212/19 4:04AM
Sony is embracing x-plat play while MS isn't; will this hurt in the long run?
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BaronVladz2912/19 3:19AM