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Xbox one headset helpBartleby4838/1 2:47PM
I plan to buy an XBOX One solely for Master Chief Collection (initially)
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ToucheAmore158/1 2:23PM
Xbox one controller on PC yet?Xtremeclan48/1 2:22PM
here are the list all EA games for XB1.
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copycat2008358/1 2:17PM
so saves aremt backed up over the cloud or anything right?googler88/1 2:17PM
Is xbox still the console for competitive shooters and multiplayer ?
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s2Ranger288/1 2:14PM
PS4 has the top hardware, Wii U has the top exclusives, Microsoft has the top..?
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Megamushroom6661318/1 2:13PM
EA Access - Access to broken games?
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jasomramirez666178/1 2:07PM
Are you buying killer instinct now that it will be released on disc? (Poll)Gunvalkyrie268/1 2:05PM
is anybody buying the killer instinct physical copy?
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Does M$ have a studio on Naughty Dog's level?
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YtBoysHavNoLips1188/1 2:00PM
is anyone else disappointed by the lack of avatars?uniquebadger108/1 2:00PM
Keflings for the xbox one would be awesome. Better visuals and more kooky storieStarmanAnthony38/1 1:55PM
weird problem with the image on my TV when playing Titanfallsoysauceman68/1 1:47PM
New ipTOhasNoRing48/1 1:46PM
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What's the chance of another price drop soon?SkaFrost8978/1 1:43PM
Help with cable box and xbox one with receiverqwerty80058/1 1:31PM
Can you crop the Kinect when using
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Save_The_World118/1 1:23PM
Xbox Live Gold Trial Codesjoegold18/1 1:03PM