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Battlefield 4's Update arrives Tuesday--new guns, new multiplayer modequincy2000a105/24 11:47AM
Hopefully no CoD or AC demo at E3 this year for MS. Also can't wait for ID@Xbox
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zerooo0135/24 11:44AM
Treyarch boss Mark Lamia talks Black Ops 3quincy2000a105/24 11:33AM
YRW they sell external ram and processors
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Splatulated195/24 11:32AM
Any decent third party or generic controllers?calinks25/24 11:29AM
Why has Counter Strike never taken off on consoles?
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WebsandWigs295/24 11:22AM much for Tomb Raider
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Xbox_Fanboy485/24 11:06AM
Neverwinter is so gltichy.AttackOnTitan85/24 10:51AM
Sign here if you're a "regular" on this board but don't own a XB1 yet
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Buraddobon145/24 10:45AM
Achievements not popping?
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horror_spooky135/24 10:20AM
What is it Casey Hudson can do in his position as Creative Director for Xbox?asbsand15/24 10:12AM
Borderlands Handsome Collection Split-Screen Question Xbox Onevanillaxtract55/24 10:05AM
Shovel Knight is a Battletoads sequel!!KakkaKarrotKake35/24 10:02AM
2 Smite keysBig Fan85/24 9:51AM
xbox one picture not showingskymeyer5515/24 9:46AM
Who wants to see an Onimusha reboot come to Xbox One?
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MutantHellHound205/24 9:19AM
Game of the year for 2015 (Poll)
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KingisLegend395/24 8:28AM
Anyone else wanna see a Telltale-style comedy game?
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ssj5goku2005215/24 8:16AM
Excited for mad max!Strav2355/24 8:02AM
DF Performance Analysis: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection revisitedquincy2000a55/24 8:01AM