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Got an xbox a few weeks ago, need some friends to addlegendxmyth210/16 10:31PM
Which internet service provider do you use for Xbox One? (Poll)
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Hucast91310/16 10:12PM
What are you using for a profile pic on your Xbox One?
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IceHusky1510/16 10:08PM
Duck Dynasty video game!!!Eagle346310/16 10:03PM
destiny raid normalG18x110/16 9:59PM
Looks like I'll be buying my second X1
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DarkMark9421910/16 9:57PM
Shadows of MordorCosmic_Diabetic810/16 9:43PM
Sooooo... can we snap the media player?BloatedSquirrel710/16 9:17PM
Not really a shock to see desperate fanboys resort to sales against Forza H2
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LEGEND_7255410/16 8:29PM
Umm. Wow. MCC is sold out on Best Buys website.
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TheMuffin2510/16 8:25PM
You Can Get Achievements On A Demo?KID VID910/16 8:24PM
New Petition Asks to Lower the Framerate of Halo: The Master Chief Collectionquincy2000a810/16 8:17PM
Ubi pressured for 30fps by Sony/MS
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WeirdShroom18110/16 8:01PM
Does the xbox servers ever go down?
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pewdiefan20022310/16 7:54PM
Is it just me or is the UI for Xbox One just terrible.
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levyjl19882210/16 7:46PM
Best Xbox One Game of the Year: February (Poll)horror_spooky210/16 7:13PM
Fable Legends BetaSrgtStalker910/16 7:11PM
no gamerpic?tdog76210/16 6:50PM
Eurogamer--Surprise! The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season out now for X1
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quincy2000a1210/16 6:12PM
maybe im blind but plants vs zombies is free with EA accesskennyynnoo210/16 6:07PM