GDDR5 much better than DDR3 for gaming

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RussellGorall posted...
... and 5GB is better than 4.5GB.

Take this to the Sony boards, they will hate you, too.

Still grasping at speculation, I see.
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yiangaruuuga posted...
The only problem with this is that pre-orders/sales =/= quality or else Call of Duty would be the epitome of gaming. The only reason the PS3 is selling better globally is because there is a bigger market for it in Asia (Sony is a Japanese company and Microsoft is an American company) . This being said the Xbox 360 has more sales in America than PS3 has here. In regards to your last statement, this means that is Sony can do it, then so can Microsoft if need be.

Most sour, bitter, pathetic reassurance I've ever read.

Funny how Xbox fanboys thought that sales = quality when it was on the other foot and PS3 was way behind worldwide.

And spin how you want. More units sold is more units sold.

As for your "quality" argument, the PS3 can easily win that with its huge library of majestic exclusives.

inb4 repeated Halo and Gears releases is somehow a better library.
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DarkJaydragon posted...
I didn't click any of the links or read what you said but I disagree with it all.

me too!
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ScRui posted...

Now that your out of purgatory (you were in warned status) can you spit some 'TRUTH'...

You must had some extra time with consoles and games while you were 'away'...

Still looking forward to that info you can give.... I mean 'TRUTH'...

Thanks a lot brah

Funny how I proved you wrong and now you're nowhere to be found. Lol next time, just shut up.