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Do you expect to see gameplay of these games at E3 2015?
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Hucast9134/20 12:51PM
Name the funniest thing you've seen and done in a video game
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BiggyDX114/20 12:40PM
so about State of Decay
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dasb00tj134/20 11:37AM
Do you have any interest in the upcoming Tony Hawk game?
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marvyyn314/20 11:24AM
Your Battlefront expectations are to high
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leathelj564/20 10:43AM
USF4 - What are the chances it comes to Xbox One?cypherchild104/20 10:41AM
What's the best coop experience on Xbox One right now?
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pWN54Ss174/20 10:37AM
episodic releases are cool and all butvayne14564/20 10:23AM
exo suit hate
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mushlikeahusky2174/20 10:16AM
Will the witcher have a day night cycle?vayne14574/20 10:10AM
How many people can I game share withXLegendKillerX44/20 10:10AM
Will Battlefront be good? (Poll)flame03019174/20 9:51AM
Star Wars: Battlefront Aiming for 60fps, Will Have Destruction Where Appropriatezerooo094/20 9:26AM
Looking for preview program inviteSporeTec84/20 9:19AM
HDD(external) stolen.tofato54/20 9:15AM
Anyone preorder MKX through the Microsoft store for rewards?Tube_of_Noob54/20 8:25AM
So IGN says Mortal Kombat X is the best game in the series
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Gunvalkyrie2314/20 8:19AM
EA is all salty with Microsoft because of the NFL game Joe Montana football.
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TheMove2554/20 8:14AM
As of today, 4/20Mindwipe7724/20 7:44AM
Would you rather have activision make Battlefront?M16Crowbar104/20 7:15AM