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I don't understand why the News Media is giving these kids attention? (Closed)kereke121012/26 2:29PM
Should I get Worms Battleground (Poll)
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I_Am_Fire1512/26 2:27PM
Sunset Overdrive worth $30?
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jaymart_2k1812/26 2:14PM
So what's missing now after Killer instinct coming to pc ??
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Hamada_adel5111312/26 2:00PM
My views on the Xbox one. Abit better than ps4Snight01912/26 1:57PM
What a bunch of garbage
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mdog300011912/26 1:55PM
For those saying the Xbox Live outage isn't significant...
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Screamhurt1712/26 1:44PM
Could someone explain the benefits of "Always Online"?
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Goodstyle1112/26 1:42PM
Xbox live gone forever?
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ChrisHanson243012/26 1:37PM
im impressed with the xbox one official headsetteddy241112/26 1:15PM
Here's a question that is not trolling or complaining about Xbox Live being downWelcommatt412/26 1:13PM
What's the best TWO games out of....
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DolemiteXP1212/26 1:11PM
Is there a list of the individual games that were daily deals this week?S0uIjaBoYisKiNG212/26 1:04PM
59.99 Thrustmasters VG Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheelkennyynnoo112/26 12:52PM
Achievement progress reset?RedDevil2007412/26 12:47PM
Just bought a refurb Xbox one from Microsoft. Two questions.NovaFlame112812/26 12:45PM
anywhere selling GTA5(XB1)for a good discount?
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NightMareBunny1212/26 12:45PM
Is XBL really down again right after it was fixed?
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Game__Raider2112/26 12:39PM
new Xbone makes a screeching sound.MachineGunDude212/26 12:38PM
Pulse Elites work with xb1?!chitowngamer85112/26 12:37PM