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Destiny: A Guide to Public Eventsquincy2000a29/19 4:34PM
hmm... so MS is gonna use mojang to create a dark minecraft/darksouls mmoHELZERO69/19 4:28PM
Horizon 2 intro was awesome!!
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Ecks Calibur129/19 4:10PM
So far the FH2 demo is awesome, but it is different than the first FH.
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ghstbstr139/19 3:48PM
You can make money buying games at best buy (Closed)
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Gunvalkyrie2219/19 3:19PM
The last three game-related items you purchased.
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SigmaLongshot199/19 3:05PM
Microsoft explains lack of halo on PC
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ThePaleRiderp139/19 2:53PM
So what up incoming Muliplat games has exclusive XB1 DLC and timed DLC?AttackOnTitan69/19 2:46PM
My wallet is going to hate me after this year.Parisinflames78109/19 2:45PM
Is grinding a good feature?
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leathelj149/19 2:35PM
Been out the loop for a bit. Why can't MS implement game sharing for XB1?
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MrZone529/19 2:16PM
Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars announced but it's just an online only PC game :/That_Damn_Kid39/19 2:15PM
Xbox One is getting the ultimate RPG ever +most creative military war story ever
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xenosaga123379/19 2:07PM
Resident Evil HD Remaster Trophy/Achievement revealed
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BigLongDowner199/19 1:48PM
Is Microsoft ever going to make a wireless headset like the one on 360?TreGooda89/19 1:46PM
How-To: Getting your favorite multimedia content to Xbox Onequincy2000a19/19 1:21PM
A Way!TropicalAngel219/19 1:02PM
How Multiplayer Works in Sunset Overdrivequincy2000a59/19 12:30PM
Does Diablo III ever get more difficult?Gunvalkyrie289/19 12:10PM
Destiny Causes Xbox One/PS4 sales to rise in the UK 2:1 PS4
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Exodus_Prime139/19 12:09PM