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Anyone here waiting to buy the White Xbox One ?The_Big_Deek59/17 3:05AM
How did Destiny flop when it sold the most of any new franchise ever?
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RuinerEraser559/17 3:05AM
What are your thoughts on the upcoming games this year?Futureops-19/17 3:01AM
Poll of the day
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MC Link289/17 2:33AM
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Xbox one upload speed (trying to Broadcast)shield31649/17 1:51AM
Who won Tokyo Game Show? (Poll)GladiatorDanger49/17 12:51AM
Xbone RPG line-up is severely lacking. It needs to improve to compete with PS4
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BPSatsuki309/17 12:50AM
Xbone hardware defects. Amazon put Xbone SKU under review
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BPSatsuki709/17 12:47AM
Why are fanboys so quick to jump to the defense of multibillion dollar company?
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XBroseph239/17 12:45AM
Do people have examples of Bungie over hyping Destiny?
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RuinerEraser639/17 12:45AM
So my xbox one wont turn on...birdmanjj959/17 12:34AM
game sharing?
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Rod1984399/17 12:31AM
Need help with a sound issue with my OneChinballz19/17 12:04AM
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TGS Conference Live Stream Now Official Topicblk91139/16 11:16PM
If racing wasn't a minority/niche Forza Horizon 2 would get GOTY
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kennyynnoo169/16 11:02PM
If Sony were to trade David Cage to XboxXBroseph29/16 10:59PM