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Halo 2 is like night & day ahead of Halo: CE in Halo: MCCIceHusky131012/28 6:28PM
Is anyone elses NAT Strict now?
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AP30K1312/28 6:27PM
According to CNN, denial of service attacks is not a crime?
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Saxon4812/28 6:19PM
PSA: Assassin's Creed BF is today's deal on the Marketplace.
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PominAus1212/28 6:18PM
I am trying to play destiny and it says i need access to multilayer gameplayer.username3434112/28 6:11PM
Dudes... we still got 3 WHOLE DAYS left of the Xbox One's year!!!ChevelIe712/28 6:09PM
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition or Sunset Overdrive? (Poll)
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ghstbstr1912/28 5:58PM
Anyone ever buy a Digital Game of Gamestop?TRicher921012/28 5:58PM
Homefront the Revolution...bpfolzy712/28 5:43PM
"This [Xbox Live] code isn't activated yet"?!?bej6789712/28 5:30PM
just got an xbox one. add me natheesh23.NP0523612/28 5:29PM
Nuns 4!!leathelj212/28 5:06PM
Hacker war! Anonymous declares war on Lizard Squad for XBL and PSN attacks.
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BushidoEffect311112/28 5:06PM
Serious question: Does the XBO Dashboard have ads?AftComet912/28 5:00PM
Mic glitch?Charocks112/28 4:57PM
You know what Microsoft needs to boost Japanese XB1 sales?
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Spade21X2912/28 4:57PM
External HDD for X1 and PS4Yakashi1012/28 4:55PM
at what time EST does the XBL Marketplace Sales webpage update online?The_Big_Deek212/28 4:53PM
Anyone else earning achievements but they don't pop?ssj5goku2005812/28 4:51PM
FYI you can preload the Halo 5 beta alreadyCrystyn_7B912/28 4:47PM