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Can an Xbox one use an external hdd yet?
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Vzeprr1110/30 3:49PM
be careful xbros!
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leelee31051610/30 3:42PM
Why are people bashing on MCC for just being "rehashed" when it's...
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iXCelticXi1310/30 3:36PM
madcatz fightpad for xbox 360grimlock50710/30 3:29PM
Anyone getting advanced warfare on midnight?Schutte15010110/30 3:28PM
liking the triggers and thumbsticks on my new Power A Mini X1 ctlrave1510/30 3:24PM
I wouldn't be surprised if Insomniac Games stayed with Microsoft after sunset
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I'm really mad people keep dissing this console! Its really nice!
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Eiffel655610/30 3:09PM
Can you use this hard drive for the Xbox One?ben10pokemon79210/30 3:08PM
Evolve big alpha questionMjs9031010/30 3:07PM
Evolve is already a contender for biggest letdown of 2015
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Dark World Ruler4410/30 2:58PM
Why does everyone obsess about resolution?
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ZeeDogge2310/30 2:57PM
Did finding out today that the new CoD has zombies make you want it?
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RNG_GOD1210/30 2:55PM
Going to grab a One next month.Pyromaniac Roy110/30 2:46PM
Does anyone have a recommendation for good expandable hard drive?coolnessmancool310/30 2:45PM
Any Xbox one black Friday deals?Killerinstinx510/30 2:43PM
I have this "fear" that we won't get 60 fps action games in the future
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HellsController1410/30 2:41PM
holy crap Quantum Break looks so SICK!!!!!
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notzez2510/30 2:29PM
What's worth getting right now?xXDeviiLXx210/30 2:14PM
CoD advance warfare resolutioncopycat20081010/30 2:13PM