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Thinking of getting this system when it's $349, some questionsAmbies_Boy1010/31 10:14PM
just got an xbox one, is the dashboard supposed to be this bad?
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nehukog1110/31 9:51PM
they should do Battlefield Collectionsreptileegg510/31 9:43PM
Any word of an official mlb game coming to Xbox one?
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Cowboy06601610/31 9:37PM
Picked up 4 friends last night for EVOLVE.Illogical_Poet1010/31 9:36PM
How long was the 360 out before it got RPGs?CammyApple910/31 9:33PM
Achievements notifications won't show uptpstyles410/31 9:18PM
Evolve sounds and works great on paper, but not so much in the end
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UnspokenWizard8810/31 9:12PM
MS just sent me a free Ryse code for buying the Sunset Bundlebaddcomplex310/31 9:12PM
Would you trade your PS4 for an Xbox One to play with friends?
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AshWilliams782910/31 9:08PM
Going to grab a One next month.
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Pyromaniac Roy1610/31 9:02PM
Everyone who got the Surprise! message, here's more info on it.Top_Secretz_808210/31 8:50PM
Any of you guys actually like the Xbox Music service?Xeeh_Bitz110/31 8:49PM
Was there an update today?MetalZoic710/31 8:37PM
Worth upgrading my Internet?staticxtreme51010/31 8:27PM
i miss don mattrick.
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JONlCS2010/31 8:21PM
What are you guys planning on playing...PrittyKitty710/31 8:07PM
Did anyone else get this message?UltraSaiyan04110/31 7:54PM
Disc getting scratched upzappdap610/31 7:49PM
a valid video on why destiny is a colossal **** up of a game
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BIIGDIIRTY1910/31 7:45PM