So, how many people will have to return their X1 due to the one time internet?

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BansheeNTDmode posted...
My college, starbucks, and mc donalds all give free internet. Even a thirld world country like somalia has internet. Dude where do you? On the moon?

As of February of this year, 20 million Americans live in areas where no high-speed internet options exist. More than 1/3rd of US citizens have no internet access in their home.

I'd also be interested to see what kind of reaction you get when you haul a TV and your Xbox One into McDonalds to play some Halo.
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Evel138 posted...
How many early adopters are going to shell out $500 for a new system and not have internet access?

Well, internet isn't mandatory. You see, a one time payment is different than having to pay month to month. Also some people receive them as gifts if donated. There's quite a few more situations actually.

Side note, I live in Florida but live 30 minutes from places with pretty poor internet. One of my best friends doesn't even have it.
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bessy67 posted...
Honestly, where do you live where you don't know a single person with broadband, or a 4G hotspot, or a phone that they can tether?

Back when I used to live in my home country, my town had no decent internet capabilities. I had to use a 3G USB stick which wasn't compatible with consoles due to the needed software install, and I didn't have much of a signal at my house regardless.
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LOL if people buy the system at launch and don't have internet to connect that's their own damn problem. Pretty sure Microsoft will put a sticker that says internet required for a one time setup. Seriously everybody on this bored that complains, how are you on this site right now? Internet. You think Microsoft cares about the people that live in East bumf*** that don't have internet. No they don't.

Reality check, Xbox One is ad revenue generating machine. Microsoft wants all its customers to have internet to create revenue. They are supposed to care about the people in Nebraska and Arkansas and Wyoming that don't have internet that might MAYBE buy the system when they are done on the farm? Or what about the potential millions in New York, and LA, and Chicago and the major first world cities in this country?
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unrealtoxic posted...
You think Microsoft cares about the people that live in East bumf*** that don't have internet. No they don't.

Very true.

Also, realize some of us are talking about friends, thus why we are able to be on the internet <.<