What is one good thing Xbone has over PS4?

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In all honesty, the only thing Sony's console has at the moment is

1)Better graphics (marginally. We are talking about the difference between a cheap PC and a less cheap PC).

2)$100 price

Now Sony fanboys try to play up all this "MS had bad intentions!" BS but realistically, no one actually cares. mindless dribble


Explain the polls. Despite Xbox One's reversal of policies and attempts to match Sony pound for pound, Xbox One is actually at an all time low in the polls. Nearly EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY polled on the issue has gone pro ps4 because of Microsoft's botched reveal. Now, we can go around and say how awesome the X1 is but let's not blatantly lie to ourselves and pretend like people didn't care. They did and this poll is currently the best objective truth that shows that...that and preorder numbers, which are also in Ps4's favor.

The XBOTS aren't going to like this!!!
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Unless you have an alt. account you weren't even a gamefaq member during the time PSN was hacked.

I do, not that it even matters.
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here's another poll.

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Games. Something Sony is totally lacking in.
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The community. No Sony ponies.

This^, I considered getting a PS4 along with my Xbox One, now I'am buying the PS4 simply to sell for a profit after seeing how rabid the community is
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Yes, because Xbots are so much better and classier. =)
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The best fans in the world.
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