Microsoft fixes their mistakes while Sony stands behind theirs, Microsoft wins!

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I think TC brings about a loose point. Whilst Microsoft have listened and amended for the most part, Sony have stood firm on P2P online MP. Those advantages are being eroded away. One selling point for me getting a PS3 over a 360 was the free online MP. With that gone Sony have conceded ground to Microsoft. The price and mandatory Kinnect are the only things that prevent my choice from being more open.

Sure, the mp is P2P but unlike M$, you do not need PS+ for anything else that requires online activity: Netflix, Hulu, online browsing, etc.
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Perhaps the best reassurance topic ever.

I can just imagine TC furiously typing this with tears rolling down his face.

Is "reassurance topic" the go to term for Sony fanboys who hang out on the X1 board for reassurance?
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..........How about you list some advantages M$ has over Sony?

Xbox #1 has HALO.
Xbox #1 has Kinect 2.0.
Xbox #1 has the unlimited power of the Cloud.

Those are game changers.

Xbox360 and PS3 are tied so close in sales but now:

Xbox #1 has bluray
Sony is charging for online

You're welcome.

Not everyone sees kinnect 2.0 as an advantage.

There are some gamers who don't love halo.

How is Sony charging for online giving microsoft an advantage? Last I've heard, microsoft has been charging for online for a while now.

You have to take those points away.
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Why are Xturds so dumb?
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Xbox One is def getting some good press can't take the trolls on this board seriously...they do not rep the majority.
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Please tell me this is just a troll topic for giggles.

Its not trolling. He is talking about x1 on the x1 forum.
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Soar2344 posted...
Please tell me this is just a troll topic for giggles.

Its not trolling. He is talking about x1 on the x1 forum.

He's also bashing the PS4 on the xbrick forum based on a non-sequitur arguments.
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Microsoft put themselves in a huge hole but guess what, even negative press is good press. Now they are going to look great in the eyes of most casual gamers if the price drops and the other rumours are true.

Sony on the other hand is going to charge for online and all the sony boys just accept it? You guys are ridiculous. Why would anyone pay for inferior online?

Btw these are all rumours but are pretty much true until proven fake.

Looks like the Xone is going to be #1.

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Ignore Kovalchuk_, he's been a known shill since the Xbone's reveal.