How long do you think the trolls and anti-microsoft folk will stay post-release?

#21gobuffalo30Posted 7/31/2013 3:25:50 AM
It's threads like this that make them not want to leave. Stop instigating and delaying what you want.
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legend253 posted...

I'm getting tired of reading hate from Sony fans about the X1 and likewise from MS fans about the PS4.

Whilst I agree with what your saying to a certain extent, the people who claim that you are a Sony fanboy if you have anything negative to say about the XBO and vice versa also need to stop.

I'm not put off the XBO because it's a Microsoft product, I'm put off the XBO because the people developing it seem to have no idea what they are doing.
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#23TrueBlue91Posted 7/31/2013 4:12:47 AM
LMAO at Xbots thinking PS3 came last place this gen.
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RedFive3 posted...
Sony Ponies are still butthurt that the PS3 came in last place this gen and are looking for revenge. So a long time.

You need to go back and learn first grade math again.

If the 360 sold approx 77 million consoles, and the PS3 sold a little over 80 million, then which one sold more?

That's not even mentioning how many millions of consoles MS sold only because of hardware failure.
#25GondolinRisesPosted 7/31/2013 4:49:34 AM
As long as the xb1 fanboys have the likes of teehee, kovalchuk, and exactlycorrectc guy, there is no way any other base has worse.

In other words, ps4 fanboys are not the worst anymore.
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legend253 posted...

This is the most worthless thing on Gamefaqs.

Are you happy about reaching the max topic character count? Does that fill you with glee throughout your day? You just bubble over so much you have to share?

Good god.
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#28Dev445Posted 7/31/2013 5:13:23 AM
I don't know, but to be honest the Sony Ponies and Trolls makes this board a little more interesting until the games and systems drop. Cause right now there's not much to talk about besides a little news here and there and a few rumors.

Without them this board would be boring and it would be pretty dead until big news hit like gamescom and when the system drops. So in a way the more they hate X1, the more they are really helping to keep this board alive and interesting.

So I say keep on trolling troller.
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RedFive3 posted...
Sony Ponies are still butthurt that the PS3 came in last place this gen and are looking for revenge. So a long time.

You do know that Ps3 has now outsold the 360 right?
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eibon posted...
RedFive3 posted...
Sony Ponies are still butthurt that the PS3 came in last place this gen and are looking for revenge. So a long time.

last place in the US only. 2nd place worldwide, behind wii. xbox is in last place. and of course when next gen comes around, xbox one is massively outsold by PS4 by a 2 to 1 margin based on pre-orders, even in the US.

Sigh I didn't want to get involved in this troll bait topic but I keep seeing how the Sony defense force is in full blast mode since someone brought up the U.S sales that the 360 is outselling the PS3 (fact)
Gamespot reported it look it up (I don't have to post a link do your own damn research) I think it was like 78 mil 360 to 77 mil PS3 worldwide people. The defense force keeps saying only U.S only U.S they outsold them in the UK as well. The PS3 barely caught up this year so what does that mean? it took them the entire current generation to catch up I don't see how that's a win (I'm glad PS3 sold as many if not more than 360 it just means better games for me to play)It's not Microsofts fault that Sony released their PS3 late in the race.I'm sorry I just don't see how it's a win when they catch up at the END of the race meaning at the end of this gen which is in a few more months.It's okay to be ignorant guys.
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