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2 years ago#21
I would love to see at least one cross platform game this generation. It would be great to put your differences aside and play some Elder Scrolls Online with PS4 and X1 players alike.
2 years ago#22
Juzten76 posted...
I would love to see at least one cross platform game this generation. It would be great to put your differences aside and play some Elder Scrolls Online with PS4 and X1 players alike.

Exactly. That would totally own. This is one policy change that can progress the entire community.

I understand 1st party games won't be cross platform but 3rd party games, specially multiplayer ones should. Better community and better game experience
2 years ago#23
Completely Random but does anyone here remember shadow run. That game was for 360 and PC and allowed cross platform play as well as chat. Until some update and we couldnt talk to pc players. So it is possible and a lot of fun.
2 years ago#24

Not interested. Never will be. Wasn't interested in the first one either.

Maybe FF14 has gotten better since launch. Still not interested.

Forbidding PC-Console cross compatibility is a good thing. First of all, those two communities just don't like each other and you're inviting antagonism between the two. Second, you can never really design something that's perfect for keyboards and controllers, especially not an MMO. Either the controller has an advantage or the keyboard does; the PC gamer will criticize the game for being to simple or the console player will say it's too clunky. And we know this because MS tried the same gimmick five years ago and it was a massive failure.

Oh, and there's the fact that, if I was really inclined, I could download FF14, Planetside 2, and DCUO all right now and all for free for my PC. And I actually do have PS2 installed and I'll probably fire it up again in the fall to pick off all the PS4 users; low-hanging fruit and all that.

And ESO looks better and will be on both systems and PC.
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2 years ago#25
Ktraze posted...
I'm not flaming or anything quite the opposite in fact. I want to bring the whole community together through their hatred of each other lol

I know there are a lot of xbox players who are also final fantasy fans and I do understand that FFXV is coming out to the xbox but wouldn't it also be cool for FF14 to come to X1?

According to xbox live the company doesn't allow cross platform play:


But we all know now that nothing is written in stone, policy changes and I think this is another change that would be good for the entire gaming community.

Think about all of the gaming possibilities with FF14 specially with the whole PlayStation and Xbox dynamic it could bring to gameplay. People can literally take the whole console war in game with some ps vs xbox pvp. A guy can dream I guess

Doesn't matter what platforms 14 comes to, it's gonna flop like before.
2 years ago#26
Please not another FF MMO in fact please not another FF,in all seriousness I really don't care if ether come to X1 but KH3 is a great one to have,FF has been dead since FFX imo.
2 years ago#27
Just port 11 and be done with it.
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