what are all these xbox one crashes I keep hearing about?

#11Coutts2Posted 8/3/2013 3:32:26 PM
I thought the big news about the E3 crashes was that the crash screen showed it the games running off of windows 7 and they were using nvidia cards, so basically the Xbone games were running on something completely different from an Xbone, while the PS4 games were running on what was basically a PS4 (PS4 games also crashed for what it is worth)
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eibon posted...
why is this news? remember RRoD? this should be the immediate assumption about any hardware coming from MS. it will break.

And Sony's circle jerk keeps going round and round, round and round...
have you heard the news?
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wow fallange, so angry you have to bring offensive terms into this? Why does it hurt your feelings that the current iteration of the xb1 isn't stable yet? It's not even out yet. I think it'd be silly to assume they will crash as much at launch.
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It isn't true jut Sony Fanboys saying lies.
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Morael_Thel posted...
A journalist went to comic con and he claims that there was barely a line at the ms booth. He asked some people in line and they said that the xone had been taken in to be repaired since it wasn't working. He also went to the Sony booth and the reps there confirmed that the xone wasn't functioning properly. The guy who wrote this has taken a lot of flak. People are saying he's lying/misinformed/doesn't have credible sources.

Just read this and save yourself from the discussion. It may be true or not, but this would be the news of it crashing.

And just saying, i've yet to see any link that disproves that claim.
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Pretty much a journalist at ComicCon came to see the X1 but found the booth shut down. He went around asking why and people told him that it was closed while repairs were made. Other people said it had been having some issues before, hence the reason for the closure. In short, the demos were closed for about an hour, and that somehow means it had ALOT of issues and was constantly shut down, despite the original article saying i was just a brief down time. Here is the original source and a quote from the author:


"The facts are that I came to the booth early Saturday around 10:30 and saw no lines and that the Xbox One Demos were off. There was a panel/signing going on at the front of the booth and that is why I thought the systems were off. Two guys in line said no, they had some tech issues and they shut it down to try to fix it, same issues have popped up all weekend they told me. I went to the Sony booth, checked in with my rep and he also said we are loving their down time that is for sure. Two people in line told me the thing has been acting up. I then met Pallab and exchanged contact info. He is a tech journalist and he told me all about the tech issues at E3 and other issues. I asked if I could cite him, he said yes. So I had a journalist, three people in line at Sony, a rep at Sony, yes I know Bias, and two people in line at Microsoft confirm this. I saw the systems down with my own eyes and saw that they did come up later. But during the 45 minutes I was at the booth and at the Sony booth meeting with them, the demos were off the entire time. I again want to state that I thought it was due to the signings at the booth but numerous sources on site said it was a tech issue and I an confirm the systems were off but were restored later."
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GondolinRises posted...
wow fallange, so angry you have to bring offensive terms into this? Why does it hurt your feelings that the current iteration of the xb1 isn't stable yet? It's not even out yet. I think it'd be silly to assume they will crash as much at launch.

Well I'm not angry and my feelings aren't hurt. Also, it is not an offensive term.
I'm just describing what goes on in this board with all the Sony fanboys. All they do is write the same thing over and over while agreeing with each other and trying to put down a product to no end.
Hence the term circle jerk, they just sit around "pleasuring" each other.

I'll reply in an intelligent way the day people stop all the fanboy nonsense. Yes, we can talk about whatever is wrong with the Xbox, but when it's done in such a childish manner as it is done here, people will keep replying in childish ways.

Any topic posted on this board about whatever the X1 has to offer, or just anything positive in general will be hijacked by the Sony circle jerk.
have you heard the news?
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they better not have hardware issues, alot of people already hate ms enough an the 180 didn't help much i don't think.
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babamig posted...
Road_Kill_666 posted...
Ignore the crash talk.

its just desperate grasping that fanboys use in order to have something to bash the X1 on. The fact that something didn't work perfectly 6 months before release is just grasping. M$ had the RROD and Sony had the YLOD both of which i got, but its not stopping me from buying both consoles. I'm sure both will make sure their products don't repeat the last cycle.

Ignore all the fanboyism from both sides. Its more Sony fans flaming the war and puttin in mass effort to keep it going but i'm out of it now. if you're not buying both then your loosing out on gaming.

Like we are missing on issues to bash the xbone....

I'm getting Both so i don't need to bash sony or debate why one is better than the other. 90% of Sony fans are only buying 1 console which makes them all losers in my book but i don't need to bash them or try to convert them. i don't need to all them blind or sheep or shills. I chose M$ and i dont need constant encouragement for my choice. I don't need to constantly cry to strangers about products im not even going to buy. Have fun trying to debate consoles with yourself cause most real fans wont even bother with you.
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it crashed because of the games development wasn't complete

by november launch i think the x1 will not crashes anymore