Why do Americans like their video game consoles to be so much bigger?

#21CyhortI82Posted 8/3/2013 8:45:58 PM
It has nothing to do with "Americans liking things bigger". It's just design choices based on how big it needs to be to house all the hardware.
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Deimir posted...
Right, because the original PS3 was a shining example of compact engineering.

I like how the top dome part was pointless and took a lot of space
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Hmmm Phat ps3 vs xbox 360 launch version..
#24Reflex-ArcPosted 8/4/2013 12:05:30 AM
Since when does the physical size of the console mean anything. I was pretty sure I enjoy consoles for the games, not the console's form factor.
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Much like cars, guns and junk food servings, it's compensating for a lack of size and potency elsewhere. (hint: inguinal region).
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I like how TC and everyone agreeing with him ignored the PS3.
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Bc Everything is BIGGER is America :)
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ScarzMurda posted...
Bc Everything is BIGGER is America :)

Mmmmm fast food. :)
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The original PS2 was huge as well.
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#30JGA1980Posted 8/4/2013 8:08:03 AM
It's not that Americans like their consoles to be that much bigger, it's that by comparison the Japanese like their consoles to be that much smaller.

It's because the epicanthic fold in the eyes that is common to Japanese people and makes them better at making small things, such as microelectronics, and makes them design things which are more aesthetically pleasing to their eyes.

It's no coincidence that the Japanese use small slanted writing and design small slanted or angular consoles, whereas Westerners use larger cursive writing and design larger consoles with less pronounced angles.

So in a nutshell, small slanted eyes = small slanted consoles, wide eyes = wide consoles.

It relation to the topic title, it's no that Americans specifically ike their consoles to be so much bigger, it's that humans instinctively prefer things that are more pleasing to their eyes, based on the size and shape of their as determined by racial genetics, so they subconsciously design things that suit the shape of their eyes, regardless of nationality.

I hope that was the kind of BS answer you were fishing for with this topic.