Let's pretend, for a moment, that the Kinect spying issue did not exist.

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I tend to agree with what most people in here have said. I don't have a problem with any perceived or real spying issues. I have a laptop and phone, so obviously that doesn't bother me. My problem is that I don't enjoy using the Kinect and don't want to be forced to use it to get the most out of games. And with it being mandatory, you know a ton more developers are going to utilize it this time around.

don't you think the smart thing to do is hold judgment until you see what comes out first? That is what intelligent people do, not make judgements based on ignorance because this does not compare to the first one.

An intelligent person would realise that the kinect is a camera with a microphone built in. It will be able to do what a camera with a microphone built in can do.

You don't have to wait until it is out to know that if you don't like motion controls or voice commands, you will probably not like the kinect.

Yeah, this. I don't need to see what new and exciting features people add to games to know that I don't enjoy using motion control and voice commands. It's the same reason I would never spend the money on a Wii or a PS Eye. I don't enjoy motion controls in video games. Period.
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I still wouldn't want a Kinect even if it didn't spy on me.

At this point, only one word signifies me:..yes.
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The simple issue I have with the Kinect is that it is bundled with the XBox One meaning I have to pay for it if I want an XBox One. I do not want to pay for something I have no interest in owning.
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If Kinect is supposed to enhance games why haven't they demoed this? All I know is it's gonna sell me products.
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If Kinect is supposed to enhance games why haven't they demoed this?

They can't because it doesn't.
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No.. It's a hassle....
Let me use the WIIs Wii Mote as an example...

Currently I'm playing a slew of WII games on my WII U since I never owned a Wii..
The reason why I never owned a Wii is because the controller is ridiculous!

I don't want to be waiving my hands around and aiming at stuff on the screen with some sensor...
That's silly!

Same rules apply to the Kinect... I don't want to talk to my TV while I'm alone in my house like some nutbag, I don't want to flail my arms around like a chicken to make certain commands...

If you're so proud of your controller let me use it as god intended and PLAY GAMES WITH IT!
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What I find interesting (scary) in regards to the spying scandal is...the Kinect can see in total pitch blackness...can hear (detect) whispers in the next room...can record images & video and send it back to Microsoft... has to be On whenever the console is on.
Yet some people insist that we have nothing to worry about in regards to spying.
Yeah, whatever.
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If we are playing make believe, why not make the Xbox One a robot girlfriend?

If only. ;-;
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If Kinect is supposed to enhance games why haven't they demoed this? All I know is it's gonna sell me products.

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