To those buying an XBONE OVER THE PS4, if the Xbone got delayed until Q1 2014...

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I'm waiting for both either way. I've learned not to buy a console at launch.
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RedFive3 posted...
It's only being delayed in some countries.

Just to be clear... "By some" he means half and by half I mean %87 of the world.
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They never have good exclusives.

This is just out and out pathetic fanboyism and trolling. God, I'm so glad the PS4 is set to f***ing savage the Xbox One in sales.

And? You're not getting any part of the money $ony makes.

It's not about's about sending a message.

What a geek!!! Sending a message? What are we gangters now? You nerds are hilarious.
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METALINGUS5150 posted...
It's funny how people didn't get my Dark Knight reference.

I think WhiteAngel50 got it, lol.
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Play gta 5 and waited.
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