Anyone else find it weird that the PS4 is smaller and requires no brick?

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The X360's RROD was the higest failure rate of any system. Some user posted 56%, but I'd say it was more in the 80's. I remeber my Gamestop manager hearing about RROD in early 2006 and was ordered to test all traded in 360's for the defect. Something like 95% were traded in for the RROD. Scratched games from faulty drives were so common that 10% priced software was being sold on ebay as non-working. One local business man was buying them to refurbish the surface on his $1000 machine. Even though MS pledged to fix the problem, many refurbished systems were repeat offenders of RROD. Now, my local computer fixes the problem because broken 360's are still abundant.
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It isn't weird. Sony is primarily a hardware company, and Microsoft, a software one. So, it actually makes sense, sort of.
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Where else do you expect to store the infinite power of the cloud?