Guess im beat on getting one at launch.. Best place to pre order now?

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Cinemax posted...
Local gamestop isnt taking anymore so I figure I better get one in somewhere. Was thinking amazon, hoping they can send them out pretty fast after initial release.

Try Walmart or Target good luck I hope get one.
#22Cinemax(Topic Creator)Posted 8/16/2013 5:10:37 PM
Ok so I'm gonna pre order from Microsoft store, it still allowing you to preorder day one edition but I wonder if its gonna come back and say its not available or if it will guarantee that's what I get
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Mine says backordered, but still says November. I read somewhere that if an order won't be shipped on time you will get an email saying that. I'm just thanking the kind people of European countries for giving up their Day One console so I can have one lol.
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I just read that Walmart will start taking In-store preorders on the 24th probably to coincide with release date info coming next week.might look into that.
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It isn't just your local gamestop. It's a company-wide thing for some reason (so every gamestop is not taking preorders until further notice). They might re-open up preorders though; I don't know the likelihood of that.

I think I might just take my chances waiting a couple of hours in line for a midnight release at a wal mart. What stores are doing a midnight release (besides gamestop probably) where you all live? The whole being able to pick it up at midnight is my biggest criteria on preordering it unfortunately.
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koboldwarrior77 posted...
Orange_Apples posted...
MS store online is currently back-ordered, but the pre-order page doesn't say anything about it. You won't know you are back-ordered until you place the order.

Totally untrue. All orders from the MS store say back-ordered, because the system isn't out yet.

MS is promising day one delivery to Day One Editions on sale through their store. Probably not gonna last though.

I don't remember who, but I'm certain someone said their order was "in process" when he checked yesterday on the MS store. I don't think it was in this topic.


found it:
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you can pre order this piece of junk at
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I am so glad I preordered both Xbox One and PS4 as soon as their E3 press conferences were over even though I had no idea at the time which system, if either, I was going to buy. There was absolutely no reason not to preorder then. Guarantees you a launch system, you don't get charged until it ships, and can cancel anytime. I still have both preordered although I think I am going to cancel the PS4 soon. I don't need both systems at launch because PS4 has no launch exclusives that interest me, and I can play the third party games on Xbox One. I will wait and get a PS4 when Naughty Dog releases their next game or another big time PS exclusive comes out. (Not Infamous, that series is just average IMO.)
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try walmart
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The crappy thing about Walmart is that they usually make you buy extra junk you don't want in a bundle.